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Rebecca Sakoun, Monkeyshines #4

James Beckett, The Pierson Belongs to Itself, Others and Us

Rob Johannesma, Probability Space

Lawrence Malstaf, Whirlpool 2 02010

Barbara Philipp, Automaton
Francoise Frontisi Ducroux' lecture on October 14
Francoise Frontisi Ducroux taking questions

Angel Angelovs lecture on October 7

Angel Angelovs lecture on October 7

Interdisciplinary workshop - panel discussion
Interdisciplinary workshop - presentation

Opening 1 september - lots of lines, vitrines and people
Opening 1 september - queue for Barbara's work

Opening 1 september - Vladimir is apparantly content
Opening 1 September, Martine talking to Su
Opening 1 September - Edwin Jacobs and Alena
Opening 1 september - Herman in a tight spot